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CAD Leadership - Part 9 - Traits of a CAD Leader

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Trait Six: Leaders are learners

Five Steps toward gaining knowledge

Step 1: I donít know that I am ignorant, so I donít care
Step 2: I know that I am ignorant, but I donít care
Step 3: I know that I am ignorant and I don't want to be
Step 4: I find out what I need to know and I learn it
Step 5: I put it into practice, and blissfully return to step #1 on another topic

All kidding aside.  Leaders are constantly to be learning.  They are seeking to improve their storehouse of knowledge and turn that knowledge into wisdom.  Wise people make wise decisions and plan wisely for the future. 

Learning keeps the fires of creativity burning brightly.  It stokes the boiler for future planning efforts.  It keeps you out front.

Learning is a lifelong process.  The more you know, the more you realize you do not know.  Keep learning new things.  Keep investigating new technology.  Keep up with the Beta programs.  Read the reviews of new software.  Talk to others at trade shows.

Trait Seven: Leaders are people oriented.

They are Servant-Leaders.  They are dedicated to serving those that follow them.  They are not out to lord it over the masses.  They are benevolent and kind.  They seek the best for everyone, even putting themselves last at times.

Leaders care for the people first.  They don't use them to stride ahead in their firm.  They are looking out for the best for the firm and the people at the firm.

They understand the old adage - give to others first Ė then they will give to you.  They take the extra step of helping out, teaching a new trick, covering for other shortcomings, sharing the blame.  Giving rewards and recognition when others achieve.

Leaders must initiate relationships.  It is imperative that a leader initiate relationships with those that they lead.  The leader should be the one that introduces themselves to new people.  The leader needs to seek out those in the firm that are more silent and gather input from them. 

Leaders must be good at the "Art of Listening".  Yes it is tough to really listen.  Listen without thinking about your response.  Listen until the person is finished talking.  Listen for hidden clues to the real intentions of some statements.  Listen hard for the hidden facts and repeating comments.