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CAD Leadership - Part 7 - Traits of a CAD Leader

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Trait One: Leaders have character

        They do the right thing

o       If you make mistakes you can be forgiven, but deception, conniving, playing overt politics will get you into trouble. 

o       It is easier to keep a good reputation than to rebuild one. 

o       Lying makes a problem part of the future; telling the truth makes it part of the past.

        They know the non-negotiables

o       Donít compromise on your principles. 

o       Be flexible and adaptive but donít sacrifice your core principles.

Trait Two: Leaders pay their dues

        Get in the trenches to get the work done.  Most of us came from the CAD ranks.  Don't forget that.  If you are no longer part of production, then you may want to take some time to help out on a project.  Keep your hands dirty in the CAD programs under production stresses.

        Roll up your sleeves.  Dig into the tough jobs. 

        Put others needs above yours.  The project schedule always comes first.  Don't let yourself be pulled away from production too far.  

        Do the work that you expect others to do.  If you are demanding compliance to your standard then be willing to open the drawings up and getting them fixed.

        Stay late or come in early.  Just being there when the troops are in the trenches goes a long way.  You are part of the production team.

Trait Three: Leaders garner respect

        Make sound decisions.  Gather information, review it, get input, make decision.

        Seek consensus with others who are involved.  Asking for opinions and perspectives.

        Be consistent.  When you make a decision, stick with it.

        Admit your mistakes and shortcomings.  If your decision was incorrect - admit it.

        Put the needs of your people above your own.  Don't make your job easier by pushing things onto others.

        Put the organization above you personal agenda.  Don't get caught up in climbing the corporate ladder at the expense of derailing corporate good.