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Hardware Wars

Software Collectors

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Hardware Wars

It never fails that when someone get a new machine in the office, everyone else expects the same thing.  The first question your neighbor may ask when you get a shiny new PC is "When will I get my machine upgraded?"  Maybe you are the one doing the asking.

Who gets the newest machine?  Why did some get upgrades and not others?  Who has the pull to demand new hardware?  When people envy others, what do you have to do about it?

I call this Hardware Wars.  It is the process that never ends in most firms.  Just when the hardware can keep up with the software, then the software makes more demands.  Just when the hardware makes a leap in speed, the software gobbles it up.

Hardware will always need to be upgraded.  It will always happen in spurts.  You cannot replace every machine at the same time.  There will always be some that are a step behind the leading edge.


Here are some tips for addressing the needs of users, the limits of your budget and the demands of the software.  I have used these or heard about them from others.  Some are industry norms and some are just creative ideas. Some may work in your environment and others may not.



Software Collectors 

I have heard of many strange collections over the years...  Snow Globes...  Paintings on Velvet... Cork Screws...  Hotel Keys...

What about software?

I have encountered many users that never seem to be satisfied with the current level of software titles that they have access to.  I appreciate the users who are always looking for another tool that does the job better.  But I have met a few that I have started calling "Collectors".

They do not really seem interested in finding new tools that work better.  Nor do they seem to be interested in replacing the ones that they have.  What they seem to want is just "more stuff".  If anyone has something, they also want it.  If others get new software, they all the sudden "need it" also.  When you give it to them, they never seem to get around to using it.

You don't want to discourage them from using new software, but you don't want to shell out the money at their every whim.

So what do you do when you encounter one of these types?  Here are a few things I have done...



June - Poll Results

In June I was curious about some of the social sites on the net and how much they were used.  So I listed a few that were of interest.  Looks like Facebook is the leader. 

 Click here to see the whole thing.


July 2008 Survey

What gender are You? 

Just curious about the mix of men and women who hit my site and read my stuff...

Take the Survey... upper left of the home page.


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July - 2008

Upgrading hardware and controlling software is part of every day life. 

What do you do to keep things moving forward and keep users satisfied?


Mark W. Kiker, Editor


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