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How to Keep your Job

Interviewing for a CAD Manager Job

How to Get Hired

Book review

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How to Keep your Job

Keeping your job is always a priority. When the economy gets tight - it is imperative. I work in a state that has an “at will” employment stance. Which means that I am employed at the will of my firm. If they no longer need me - I am gone. They do not need to provide any lengthy reason for my termination. It could be as simple as a work slowdown.

In a situation like this, you need to constantly provide your firm and your superiors with reasons that confirm the right decision they made when they hired you.

Here are a few things that you could do to shore up their minds and better insulate yourself from layoffs.


Interviewing for a CAD Manager Job

I first ran this article in the January 2007 issue of AUGI Hot News. With the current downturn in economic prospects, I figured I would post this up again.

Start off with a bang. A good, solid, firm handshake makes the best impression. Man or women – it does not matter. A firm handshake is a must. Look the interviewer in the eye. Sure, you may be nervous, but don’t get shy. Be confident in your abilities and strengths. Don’t worry about your weaknesses. Make sure you smile. Sit up straight. Think before you respond. Speak clearly. You have about 15 minutes to impress and the first few minutes are critical.

Polish the Resume. Get it down to one page. The whole point in a resume is to get an interview. Make sure you have results with any statement you make.


How to Get Hired

CAD Managers move from one firm to another and the process may be short or long, depending on the prep time and the effort expended. Working (and it is work) at getting another job is tough. Moving from one firm to another is hard. Starting a new position is a strain.

When you want to move forward in your career, it helps to know a few things that might assist that move. Focusing your efforts on finding a new position takes effort.

Here are a few simple things that might help…


Book Review - AutoCAD 2009 Fundamentals by Ascent

I received a copy of the AutoCAD 2009 Fundamentals by Ascent Center for Technical Knowledge (www.ascented.com) and was quickly impressed with the exhaustive level of information provided in the book.

This is a training workbook with 19 chapters of instruction with 684 pages of information. The extensive level of detail provided makes the book almost 3 inches thick. There is an accompanying Instructors Manual that explains how to use the curriculum and offers a breakdown of instructive sessions.

The Preface to the book lets you know that you could use if for a 3 day course and an additional 2 day course. The 3 day curriculum covers the "indispensable core topics" and the 2 day course adds the "more sophisticated techniques that extend your mastery of the program."



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April - 2008

We take a look at the job market and how you can be successful in it.  With the economy facing some tough times, you can insulate yourself from troubles and escalate your process of looking for work.

Mark W. Kiker, Editor


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