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Revit Demands - Part One - Think Again

Revit Demands - Part Two - No Spare Change

Revit Readings - A collection of good information on BIM and Revit

Survey- Where did you come from?

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Revit Demands - Part One - Think Again

BIM is a disruptive technology. Revit is a disruptive tool.

BIM is displacing CAD in some arenas. Or at the very least it is attempting to fulfill the promise of CAD.


Revit Demands - Part Two - No Spare Change

CAD Manager - get with it. There is a lot of change happening in the design world. None of it can just be ignored like the spare change on your dresser or the bottom of your purse.

If you are in an industry that is embracing a tool like Revit, then you need to get with the program and start changing for the new times.


Revit Readings

I started collecting up some of the online readings, reports, articles and such on BIM and Revit.  The collection will grow as I find things that I do not want to loose.  I will add them to the list and keep it growing.

The Link...

January 2008 Survey

What were you doing before you became a CAD Manager?  I asked what discipline you were in before you accepted an assignment, promotion or were propelled into CAD Management.

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February 2008 - Revit time...

Talking Revit at a time when some of you may be making the change, or thinking of the change, or thinking why haven't more people made the change. 

Moving forward with a new tool is tough.  When the new tool is not an upgrade to existing technology, but rather a radical change from the past, it is even tougher.

This month - a few items to consider when embracing BIM with a focus on Revit.

Mark W. Kiker, Editor


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