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Upgrading - Moving too fast or too slow

CAD Standards - My updated list for ADT.

Survey Says - Using Metric?

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Upgrading - Moving too fast or too slow

Do you need to be moving faster when adopting the next release of software or moving slower or are you just right?  There are times when you need to be doing any one of these.  Sometimes progress is moving too slowly and you need to speed things up.  Other times things are going too fast and you need to slow them down.  What we hope for is that we are moving at exactly the right pace.

Users and Management will either follow your lead or derail things.  They either are on board of they are pushing too fast or dragging their heals.

Here are some tips to this "moving" question...

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ADT CAD Standards

Here is my list of items that should be included in your ADT Standards guideline.  While this list appears comprehensive, it may not be exhaustive.  When creating or reviewing your ADT guidelines you should take into account all if the items below. 

Each item should be addressed, but some of these will require many more words than others.  Some may only need a line item, others may need multiple pages.  Some items may need greater attention based on your company needs.  If there is an area that tends to be a problem, then spend more time defining it. 

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September 2006 - Survey Says!

Are you using Metric?

Well - it looks like most of you are not!  At least most who answered the survey.  I would think that the US market would be strongly non-metric. 

If you look at the result, you would notice that the strong understanding and use of metric through all of the questions.  I think this reflects the international market.



See the full results from September 2006

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