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ADT Standards List

Here is my list of items that should be included in your ADT Standards guideline.  While this list appears comprehensive, it may not be exhaustive.  When creating or reviewing your ADT guidelines you should take into account all if the items below. 

Each item should be addressed, but some of these will require many more words than others.  Some may only need a line item, others may need multiple pages.  Some items may need greater attention based on your company needs.  If there is an area that tends to be a problem, then spend more time defining it.

If you are using only AutoCAD - then remove the topics that are not applicable.

Pictures tell a better story than words a lot of times.  Use as many screen captures as you can.n.

Generally you want to put your guideline in the order that it will be needed as the project progresses. 

  1. Standard Directory Structure (for Project Navigator)

  2. Project Names

  3. File Names

  4. Project Setup

  5. Standard Units


  7. Paper Space and Model Space Use

  8. Datestamping Drawing files

  9. Revision tracking of files

  10. Layer Names

  11. Linestyles

  12. Pen Tables, Pen Weights (CTB, STB)

  13. Lettering, Fonts and Sizes

  14. Dimensioning

  15. Drafting Symbols - defined as common symbols used by all disciplines

  16. Graphic Symbols - defined as discipline specific symbols

  17. AEC Content

  18. Xref Usage

  19. Viewports

  20. Saved Views

  21. Spaces

  22. Tags and Schedules

  23. Sections

  24. Elevations

  25. Keynoting

  26. Title Blocks

  27. Layout tabs

  28. Detail Creation and use

  29. Custom Menus

  30. Support Files

  31. Plotting

  32. Hardware Requirements

  33. Software Requirements

  34. File Exchange

  35. Deliverables

  36. Project Archiving