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BIM is coming on strong - or is it already here?

Revit Revolution - Deja Vu - Another change to process?

BIM - Where are all the subs?

Survey Says - Are you customizing AutoCAD?


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BIM is coming on strong - or is it already here?

I just returned from an AIA conference in which the main technology topic was BIM.  Every presentation was

Huw Roberts of Bentley Systems (Microstation guys) talked about the shared Risk and Rewards of an integrated practice where all stakeholders are involved in the process from the beginning is enabled and advanced by BIM.  We need to think of it not in terms of one discipline, but all disciplines.  The entire lifecycle of the building and not just the construction docs.  Not just the physicals characteristics of the building but also its behaviors (wind loads, stresses, etc)

Huw mentioned an interesting perspective that “the future is here.  It is just not evenly distributed”.  I find this of interest because we are seeing many architectural firms that have begun to use BIM and some that have been down the road a while.  But there are also many that have not even begun to entertain the idea of moving to BIM. 

He continued to discuss the issues surrounding using BIM and ...

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Revit Revolution - Deja Vu - Another change to process?

Having witnessed the transition from board drafting to CAD I was involved in the process of helping those who were making the jump and those that dragged their heels.  When the switch began from board to CAD, it was big hardware and expensive software.  Mostly it started with big firms who invested heavily in the equipment needed.  This was pre-AutoCAD days.  Then along came the PC and AutoCAD and smaller firms started embracing the change.  All through this period there were those engineers and architects and designers who chose not to change, resisted change and wanted to retire before they had to change. 

The change from board to CAD drafting took quite a while.  Firms would have special rooms dedicated to CAD and hire computer techs to run the machines.  These CAD drafters did not know the industry they served, but were early adopters of computer technology.  Other firms took their internal drafters and trained them in using the software.

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BIM - Where are all the subs?

Many Architectural firms have shifted over some or all of their design work to BIM.  Many of them have been doing it for some time.  One of the complaints I have heard is that there are not a lot of discipline subs that have begun the shift.  Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, etc. 

What are they using and when will they jump to BIM.

When they do - they have their own models?  How do we integrate?

We need to get the second wave of adoption moving forward.

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October 2006 - Survey Says

Are you customizing AutoCAD?  Seems to be almost a 50-50 response here. 


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This time around... 

The future is BIM? or is it?

If so - when? Now?

Let's talk about it!

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