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 January, 2006
    I N   T H I S   I S S U E
BAD CAD - Part Three

For the last 2 months we looked at BAD CAD and what to do about it. We continue this month with the next item on my list.  I look in five areas for my troubleshooting:

The Files - We looked at this last month.

The Machine - After I check out the files, I look to the persons PC.

The User - This months topic - see below.

The Server - Sometimes the network or server hardware acts up. Don't forget to look here.

The Software - There are always "bugs" in the software. A tool that is not yet mature, not designed to be used in the way it is used or just not programmed correctly.

I will expand each one of these in the next few Journals, looking deeply into the causes and effects of BAD CAD

  A R T I C L E S

BAD CAD - Working with the Users

Here are some question I use to track down troubles when working with the users.  I have a sign on my desk that asks the tongue in cheek question... "What happened before it broke “all by it’s self”?"  Although those who read it get a kick out of the indictment of this question, this is obviously not the way you want to start the conversation.  But talking to the users is needed to find the cause of the effect you may be seeing in your BAD CAD.

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BAD CAD - 10 Steps to fix files

I often am confronted with files that fatal on corrupted data.  Finding and eliminating that data can be a challenge.  Here are a few tips to help out.  Some are basic but deserve to be mentioned.

  1. Purge the drawing - I am still amazed at how much information is contained in files. You should get in the habit of regularly cleaning your files. Check out my blog for "Purge - The forgotten command"
  2. Audit the drawing - does more to correct problems than people think

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December 2005 - Survey Says

We asked about upgrades and your current platform.    

Over 80% are working on machines that are 2 years old and under.  With the biggest percentage (39%) working on machines that are less than one year old.

When it comes to upgrades - most are going to move forward in the next few years.

Current platforms include a heavy lean toward 1-2Gb of RAM and 19" to 20" machines.

See the full results Dec. Results

January Survey - What is your #1 problem?


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Welcome to the New Year. 

We continue our look at BAD CAD and seek the help of the users.

With the new year comes an opportunity also to assess our effectiveness as CAD Managers.  In future Journals we will look at what it takes to make a productive environment.

I look forward to sharing thoughts with you and getting your feedback via e-mail.

Mark W. Kiker, Editor

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