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The Character and Skills of a CAD Manager – Part 4

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The final installment of my short list of character traits. These are also known as soft skills.  The people side of things.  The intangible inner perspectives and habits that make someone who they are.

Flexibility – Ability and willingness to go the extra mile, put in more hours when needed.  This is closely tied to Dedication but presents itself as the ability to change direction on short notice.  It also includes the understanding that work on routine CAD support issues cannot be ignored.

Passion – A love for CAD and BIM work.  Not begrudgingly done. Not annoyed by mundane and repetitive tasks. Approaching every aspect of your work with vigor and optimism.

Productivity – Looks for ways to increase output, avoid unneeded steps, reduce time wasted for themselves and others.  Puts productivity of others above their own.  Seeks to make others tasks easier even if it makes their own a little harder.

Humility – Admits mistakes, take responsibility for errors, shares success, avoids prideful boasting. Stands confident on their own abilities without making others feel inferior.

Teachability – Willingness to learn from others, modify behavior as needed, admit and address shortcomings.  Knows that they do not know everything.  Never stops learning.

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