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2010 Top Ten Favorites

I took a little time to review the blog posts that I made in the past year…

My Favorites:

Here are my Top Ten favorite posts from 2010. Many of them are series so the list is not ten items long, but there are more than ten posts collectively.

The Last Gasp for CAD – Is it the swan song for CAD? – Series starts here [1]

The Options of AutoCAD 2010 – A long look at the Options Dialog box – search results here [2]

When do CAD Habits become Bad Habits? [3]

AutoCAD Control Codes and Special Text Characters [4]

CAD Workaholics [5]

The CAD Manager at Work – a four part series [6]

Best Practices – another multi-part series [7]

And one from 2009 since it is getting close to the New Year…  CAD Manager – Questilutions [8]


Here are the top ten posts that the readers selected based on pageviews.  These were not necessarily posted in 2010 , but read most often in 2010.

AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts [9]

AutoCAD 2007 System requirements [10]

AutoCAD 2006 – Print a list of shortcut keys [11]

Converting STB to CTB [12]


AutoCAD 2007 Xrefs – Relative Paths [14]

AutoCAD Shortcut Keys [15]

CAD Standards – AutoCAD Dimension Variables [16]

AutoCAD License Types [17]

AutoCAD Architecture 2010 – User Interface Cheat Sheet [18]

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