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Every CAD Manager wears multiple hats.  Here are a few that you may wear from time to time...

The CSI hat - no not the one on TV.  This stands for CAD Standard Investigator

This is a hat that you may never take off.  You are called upon to find flaws in your CAD files and to figure out how to fix them.  Some times you may be investigating the file itself, but more often you will need to interrogate the user to find out what happened.  The focus here should be on finding the answer and fixing the problem, not trying to lay blame.  This hat may require you to use your best people skills and also you technical skills.

The MacGyver's hat - The next hat may look like it belonged to MacGyver.  Some of you may recall the TV show where Angus MacGyver was able to create a rocket launcher from a ball point pin, TUMS antacid chews and duct tape.

This hat is required by every CAD Manager that has to figure out how o get a bad CAD file to plot.  Who have to somehow move all of the reference files for a whole project from one location to another.  Who are called on to "make it work" as the client sits in the conference room waiting.

Bullwinkle "ears" - This one is here because we need to always be ready to say "watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat" without it being the wrong hat.

Bullwinkle Moose was not the brightest person in the room, but he never gave up trying.  He would not let any predicament get the better of him.  As CAD Managers we are to never give up.  We can fix things or develop a work around to get past it.

The Felix the Cat Hat He had a magic bag of tricks

Am I dating myself with all of the "old school" cartoons?  Felix had a bag of tricks and many times the CAD Manager is expected to have a similar bag of tricks.  Whenever Felix got into a jam he would open his bag and out would pop something that saved the day.  For a few items that I think should be in your bag check out the CAD Manager's Bag of Tricks

There are many more hats that a CAD Manager wears which could include:

        Cop Hat

        Lawyer Hat

        Judge's Hat

        Jury's Hat

        Corporate Body Guard (Enforcer Hat)


But above all of these hats I think you should always maintain the one hat the focuses every other hat you need to wear the Servant's hat.  Because you are here to serve others, help others, support others and expand the understanding of CAD.

Mark W. Kiker