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Eight Wishes of a CAD Manager

Sending the Right Signals

Survey - 2008 Software Upgrades


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Eight Wishes of a CAD Manager

Have you ever daydreamed about the things you wish would happen? I have too.  Here are a few wishes that I would love to come true.  Maybe you have dreamed about some of these now or in the past.

  1. Users that ask the right questions, at the right time.

  2. Project Management that keeps you informed.

  3. Vendors that knew how you think and what it takes to manage CAD.

  4. Universal lockdown on systems unless they inform you that they are downloading software trials.

  5. A Standard that everyone actually followed.

  6. Software that actually worked, stayed the way your left it and prevented BAD CAD.

  7. An environment of shared learning, total communication and adventurous experimentation.

  8. New hires are testing in CAD software knowledge and it actually is used to determine who would be hired.

I will unpack these on the web.


Sending the Right Signals

Have you ever thought about the signals you send?

Everything you do says something about you.  What are you saying through your words and actions, even you body language? Even the documents you produce say something about you.

Are you sending out positive signals in your CAD Standard?  Are there too many "Do Not's" in your standard?  To many limits.  To restrictive guidelines? or are they just the right blend of boundaries and freedoms.

When you do training, are you annoyed by "stupid" questions?  Do you actually stifle conversation by seeming to be too aloof?  or are you open to questions and comments that may challenge your perspective.

Do you roll your eyes, sigh, smirk or laugh at the wrong times?  Do you frown, scowl, or furrow your brow at other peoples comments? 

Don't forget that everything you do, say, write and even display in your expressions says volumes to your team.   Make sure they are saying what you want them to hear.

April 2007 Survey

2008 Upgrades

This is the same survey I run every April.  Let's compare the last few years...


Eighty percent of those who responded are on Subscription.  74% said they were on subscription last year at this time and 68% in 2005. 

What is more marked is the progress of moving forward.  24% said that they were in the process of upgrading "right now" in 2005.  That went down to 14% in 2006 and 13% in 2007.

58% in 2005, 64% in 2006 and now 70% say that Autodesk is rolling out software too fast.

See the full results from April 2007

Take the May Survey - CAD Manager Satisfaction - Are you happy?

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Wishing and hoping

It is fun to make a wish.  I have a few.  Some of them you may resonate with also.

Mark W. Kiker, Editor


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