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BAD CAD - What needs Fixin’?

When you come upon a BAD CAD file, what should you pay attention to?  Everything?  Are we stuck fixing all the files that we come in contact with?

Here is my advice:

Fix the ones that make the biggest impact on productivity.

  1. Plan drawings – these are shared the most with others.  Errors in Plan drawings will compound as others use them as backgrounds and references to create other files.
  2. Essential project files from clients – if they give you files that will be used as pivotal files for the whole project.  These could include borders and title blocks, symbols, topography, as-builts, logos, etc.

Fix the ones that reflect on your firm.

  1. Files you will share with other firms – protect the good name of your company by sharing good files.
  2. Files that the client will see – don’t let shoddy work go out the door – even in intermediate submittals

Fix the ones that will be used again

  1. If you are creating prototype files – make them perfect.
  2. If you are creating blocks – make them pristine.
  3. Details – create them once and reuse them again and again – but make sure they are good.