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BAD CAD - Troubles in the Machine

After you have taken a close look at the CAD files, you need to look at the machine to see if that is what is causing the problem.

First I look at the Options Dialog Box.  Is there anything funny in the Files Tab.  I look at the Working Files locations to make sure that there is not some stray folder that has somehow gotten included in the search path.  Sometimes there are files that get placed in the wrong location and supersede your proper support files.

Here are some areas to look at:

The Working Files - this is where the machine looks for the support files.  Make sure that the order is correct.  It will find a file and then stop looking.

Project Files Search Path - sometimes there is a location here that messes up xref files or images.

Automatic Save File Location - has your local hard drive run out of room.  Here is where to clean things up.

Next try to open the file on another machine.  If things work fine and everything seems to be working then it may be a problem on your machine.  If the file fails on the other machine also, then it may be the file that is bad.  Read my tips on BAD CAD Files.

Finally - check your machine to see if it is capable of handling the files and the software.  The demands of 2006 based software ask a lot of your hardware.