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BAD CAD goes beyond just the graphics in a file. 

It would include:

  • Bad Referencing from incorrectly located files
  • Difficult naming conventions for layers, blocks, hatches, etc.
  • Essential files (like CTB files) located on local hard drives
  • Settings that make plotting difficult
  • Bad block definitions
  • Incorrectly used Images
  • Corrupted linestyle, multiline definitions
  • Use of text fonts that are not standard SHX or TTF files
  • Mismatched, incorrect, exploded and faked dimensions
  • Inconsistency Laziness
  • Bad Viewports
  • Bad Layout use and setup
  • Failure to use OSnaps
  • Faked files to get good plots
  • Overly creative, innovative, advanced functionality
  • Bad DWG exchange, export, save as, etc.