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February, 2011

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Strategic Planning (2 articles)

Business Alignment

BIM Manager Survey and BIM Projects

CADD Manager Poll Results

Strategic Planning – Step Five

Your objectives are the Action Plans you will take to meet your goals. (the How and When)  Now you get down to the actionable definitions of what you are going to be doing.  This is the time to add measurable targets and time frames. Include Specific, Measurable objectives that have a Due Date. Here are [...]

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Strategic Planning - Step Four

In Step Four, you take your list that was created in Step Three and pick the ones that you want to focus on. In Step Three you made a quick list of at least 20-30, then we started narrowing it down to 5-7 ideas that might be the best. Now is the time to start [...]

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Business Alignment

Business Alignment is something you may hear about at your firm or in general conversations about planning.  Your main CAD initiatives, in terms of budget and resources, should be directly linked to business goals and objectives. This means that when you articulate your objectives they should reflect the same targets as some of the business [...]

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BIM Manager Survey 2010 - The Process and Results

Back when I was developing my BIM Manager class for Autodesk University 2010 I invited you to participate in a survey to collect data for the class.

Over the next few posts I will share some of the data collected and my thoughts on that data.  My purpose was to collect real data from real world users across the spectrum of firms.  the survey was in three parts and had 196 respondents.

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What Percentage of your Projects are in BIM? – 2010 Survey Results

The 2010 BIM Survey that I undertook was to prep for a class and to just see what the industry was doing.

One of the questions I wanted to address was related to the percentage of projects that firms had in BIM.  I wanted to find out not just how many, but how much of their work was actually being done in BIM.

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From Last Month on Strategic Planning

The Basics


Visual Aid

Step One - Looking at the Past

Step Two - Looking at Now


Example SWOT

Step Three – Look to the Future

Step Three – More

CADD Manager Poll Results

The February Poll was concerning your interactions with your Reseller.  I wanted to know what you where taking to them about.  It looks like Training and Purchases were the topics.  So maybe this is an indication that budgets are loosing up and that gearing up for new projects is a focus.


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More on Strategic Planning and the beginnings of the results from  my BIM Manager Survey

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Strategic Planning – Overview
Strategic Planning – Step One
Strategic Planning – Step Two
Strategic Planning – Step Three

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