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January, 2011
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Strategic Planning (9 articles)

How many BIM Managers are there?

Strategic Planning – The Basics

I always like to start out defining what will be discussed and framing the posts in a series.  It helps to outline what will be included and what will not. What I won’t try to do… I will not try to define the perfect planning method.  There are so many out there that this would [...]

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Here is what we will be looking at over the next several posts. I am not sure how many posts it will take to cover what I want to discuss. It might take some time to get all of my ideas down. The overall process of discussing this will take into account the five steps [...]

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Visual Aid

I always like visual aids.  Here is one for the five steps I will outline.

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Step One

I mentioned that Strategic Planning in its essence is just asking a bunch of questions and seeking to define the answers. Step One is looking at the Past. A quick or long look back will help frame the whole process. 

By getting a proper perspective on what has happened before we may be able to [...]

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Step Two

Step Two involves Looking at Now. What is happening at your firm right now? You need to review the following areas at a minimum. Team and Talent – The makeup of the group you are working with will impact your ability to reach a goal. Do they have the training needed? 

Teams need to be [...]

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Step Two – SWOT

Where are you now?  Maybe a SWOT analysis would help get your thinking organized.I have used this method before and it can be helpful.  While I am not going to try and provide all of the methods of organizing your thoughts,I will provide some that I have used as we move forward. 

Performing a SWOT [...]

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Step Two – Example SWOT

Here is an example SWOT that I put together (very simple) to show you what yours might look like. Each area gets information and there may be complimenting of contradicting statements between the two.  You do not fill each one out looking for corresponding issues in the other areas.  

Just fill out each block with [...]

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Step Three – Look to the Future

The third step in the Strategic Planning process is to look toward the future. Now you can start dreaming a little.   Now you can think outside the box.  By working through steps one and two, you have framed the reality of the what you might dream about. 

Thinking about the future should be done by [...]

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 More on Step Three

Don’t worry about “HOW” yet. This step is not where you sift through everything and see what sticks. It is not time to think about how you are going to make things happen. This is just the idea phase. Dream a few big dreams and see what you might do. 

You can include software and [...]

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How many BIM Managers are there?

I asked this question on my Annual BIM Survey and so did AUGI.  AUGI did its Salary Survey for 2010 and published the results in AUGIWorld magazine which you can see the full report here.

I want to zero in on the BIM Manager title to see how it has changed over the years.  I looked back to 2008, 2009 and 2010.

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I am just getting the January issue out under the wire.  Sorry to be so late.

I am launching into 2011 with a plan on how to plan.

Strategic Planning is the topic.  I provide some information and ideas on how to create one.

I am not done with the entire series yet - so stay tuned in.

Mark W. Kiker


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Strategic Planning – Overview
Strategic Planning – Step One
Strategic Planning – Step Two
Strategic Planning – Step Three

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