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Checking the Standard - a plan for proper reviewing

A CAD Review Process

CAD File Review Checklist

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Checking the Standard - a process

Here are some steps you could put in place to help check to see if project files are complying with the Standard.  At the beginning of a review you would provide the following information to those who will be checking the files.

  1. A review procedure for processing all files (see below)
  2. A check list of items to review (see below)
  3. A listing of which files to review
  4. Filename and Directory requirements
  5. A listing of the correct layer names to be used
  6. A listing of correct Settings, Styles and Variables
  7. A listing of “look and feel” issues
  8. Title Block data

Each project should be required to review their files for standards compliance at some point.  This should be done as the PM’s makes the request.  After the files are reviewed the PM will be advised on what needs to be fixed.

A CAD Review Process

Requesting a Review:

When the Project Manager decides to conduct a Review, they will contact the CAD Staff to start the process.  Allow one week prior to the reviewing date so that participants can be freed up from contract work to assist.  The review may take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours per project depending on the size of the project.  Implementing the revisions that are recommended in the Review will take additional time.

It is suggested that a CAD Review take place before a milestone submittal or at the end of the project before deliverables are collected and archived.

Staff Requirements:

The CAD Staff or CAD Lead will perform the review and provide a written report on the outcome.  Determine how many files to review.  All of them, some of them.  Maybe you could start with a file from each type (floor plan, section, elevation, etc.) to see if the files are generally correct.  If you see a pattern of errors, dig a little deeper and into more files.

Review Output:

A report will be generated outlining the needed modifications and corrections to the files.  Each file type will be addressed as well as the overall presentation.  The report may include marked up hardcopy or written comments.

CAD File Corrections and Back check:

The files will be corrected per the mark-ups and comments and printed again for verification of corrective actions.  Electronic files will be reviewed as well as hardcopy.  Back checking may take from 1-4 hours per project.

CAD File Review Checklist

Here is a listing of 9 areas that you may want to check in the files when you do your review.  By looking for these items you can most likely find the areas where the files are not up to snuff.

1. Directory Structure (Project Navigator)
    a. Are the folders correctly named?
    b. Are there any unneeded folders?

2. Filenames
    a. Are the filenames correct?
    b. Are there any junk files that should be removed?

3. Layers
    a. Is the layer list clean?
    b. Are the names correct?
    c. Are the objects on the right layer?
    d. Are the linestyles correct?

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Thinking of CAD Standards?  I always seem to be.  Since I am, I thought I would share some of the tips I have for keeping them enforced.

This installment is all about standards and how to check to see if they are being followed.

Processes and checklists

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