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Mad at CAD - what really ticks off users?

The Ghost of AutoCAD Past

Survey Says - Are you customizing AutoCAD?


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Mad at CAD - what really ticks off users?

Having attended AU 2006 this year I have come up with some issues that reverberate with users from round the world.  Some of these were shared with me in conversations and some are gleaned from emails.  I have also added suggestions to possibly fix them (which may be too simplistic and impractical).

1.  Functions that require exact steps to complete.  I am not talking about having a procedure for getting things done, I am talking about an exacting process that if you miss one little thing the software veers off in an unexpected way.  I think most of these are in the verticals and not so much general AutoCAD issues. 

Possible Solution: Make functions a little more forgiving.  When something is done out of step - provide a warning.

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The Ghost of AutoCAD Past

Many like the holiday tale from Dickens, I am reminded that often I am visited by a ghost... The ghost of "AutoCAD Past."  In the Dickens tale, this ghost was there to remind Scrooge of what he could have been, but chose not to be.  Business for Scrooge came before friends, family and fun.  I could launch off into a conversation about how we need to keep things in perspective, but that is not my point this time around.  This time I want to revisit and expand on a blog post that I did back in December 2005.

Many of us have been using AutoCAD for a long time. I find that many of the habits that I have acquired in the past are still "haunting me" today.  Sometimes these old habits help and sometimes they hurt my productivity. 

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November 2006 - Survey Says

Are you going to Autodesk University?  If not - why not?

There were 65% of the respondents who stated they were not going.  Here are some of the reasons why...  It looks like job deadlines are not a deterrent from having people attend.  It looks like 37% stated that the deterrent was related to the financial arena.  Either the company would not pay or the cost was seen as being a negative.


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What makes users so mad at their software?

How do my old software habits haunt me?

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