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CAD Standards - The Process is as valuable as the Product

CAD Leadership Part 9 - Traits 6 & 7

Survey Says - CAD Standards content?

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CAD Standards - The Process is as valuable as the Product

I have spoken to many CAD Managers who have asked me if I had a Standard they could use at their firm.  They want to have something that is well thought out and has a proven track record.  They want something that they can just put in place and move on.  They often say that they don't want to waste time, or don't have the time, to develop their own. 

When I hear these kind of comments - I cringe to think that they would take someone else CAD Standard and slam it on Users desks and expect them to follow it.

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CAD Leadership Part 9 - Traits 6 & 7

Part 9 in this series focuses on a couple of pivotal traits.  Get these right and you will be farther ahead of the crowd.

Trait 6 is Learning - stoking the fires of creativity and planning

Trait 7 is being a Servant - what? I thought I was a leader?

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How the process of developing a CAD Standard is as valuable as the Standard itself and another couple to traits of good CAD Leaders.


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