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CAD Manager – When things go wrong, who do you think about first?

What users want in a CAD Manager

Survey Says - Training - where do you get it?

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CAD Manager – When things go wrong, who do you think about first?

When something happens at work that will impact your firm, or production or submittals or cad standards or anything related to CAD that may reflect a negative light, Who do you think about first?

Your answer to this question will have a lot to do with how others perceive you, how your company values you and how your users interact with you. 

Here are the answers that could be obtained when asking this question.  Who do I think about first?  Myself, the users, My job, the firm, the client

Let’s investigate each of these one at a time to see how reach response reflects your character and focus.

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What users want in a CAD Manager

There are several things that most users want from a CAD Manager.  Of course they want the latest and greatest hardware and software.  And they want killer training.  But I want to go beyond the obvious to what I think are some pivotal items that Here is my list of the things that they want that make the biggest impact on the company and their environment.

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June 2006 - Survey Says

Training and how you get it.


With several choices to select we also asked which one you use the most.  Here are the result.  Almost half of you stated that you are most often self taught. 


Other areas that had overwhelming positive responses...

See the results from June 2006

Take the July Survey - What features are you using in AutoCAD?

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This time around... 

Two issues...

Who do you think of first when things don't go as planned?

What CAD Users might want from their CAD Manager.

One focused on your thought patterns and the other focused on what others might think of you.


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