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 March, 2006
   I N   T H I S   I S S U E
CAD Manager Job Description - Starting with the basics

Going Beyond the Job Description - Moving your career forward

Narrowing your Job Focus - Working one goal at a time

February Survey Says -
Are you testing you new hires?

  A R T I C L E S
CAD Manager Job Description

We start with the functions that every CAD Manager needs to be doing (more or less)

Here is a brief overview of a CAD Manager position and the duties involved:

  • Provide production CAD support
  • Develop, implement and enforce CAD Standards
  • Organize the CAD environment
  • Supply technical support for all CAD software
  • Provide support for plotting and electronic file submissions
  • Interact on project standards coordination with clients
  • Insure CAD vendor management

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Going Beyond the Job Description

Many CAD Managers are working their tails off just trying to keep up with the work load that they are overseeing.  Often the work gets piled on them because they are the only tech support person at a firm that is involved directly with projects.  Other times they are just the only person who is not trapped in project schedules and they can pick up the loose ends that need to tied down. Either way, many of us are pulling double and triple duty to get it all done. 

Other CM's have chosen to expand their work areas and job responsibilities as they move beyond the CAD arena to include other technologies.  I want to look at the ones who have expanded by chose.

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Narrowing your Job Focus

Sometimes we have to narrow our focus to be more effective.  Often we find ourselves burdened with jobs that we never volunteered for.  Taking on roles that dilute our impact on the firm.  Many times these functions are thrust upon us and we cannot get away from them, but sometimes just a little clarification of focus will help make your influence on the firm more effective.

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February 2006 - Survey Says

Asking about your testing of new hires provided some interesting information. 

More than half of the respondents said that they do test their new hires and if they failed the test it did impact the chances of them getting hired.

Most of those who do test usually give an on screen test that they have developed in-house.

See the full results Feb. Results

March Survey - CAD Manager Longevity

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This time around... 

We take a look at the expanding role of the CAD Manager.  Moving deeply into CAD production and standards are no longer the pinnacle of the job function.  Many CAD Managers have move far beyond what the job description outlines.

Mark W. Kiker, Editor


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