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Mark W. Kiker

Mark has more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the administration, configuration, deployment, coordination, development, and integration of CAD/BIM technology. As a technology manager, he understands the impact of Design Tools on the bottom line. He has implemented CAD for many firms and extensively customized CAD programs. He has developed corporate Design standards conforming to client and military guidelines. He has instructed over 3000 users at company sites and for local colleges, tech schools and at Autodesk University. Mark coordinates production of CAD documents from design concept to final construction documentation. He directed the use and structure of CAD/BIM for multiple nationwide, multi-office CAD/BIM deployments.  He has worked for KETIV (an Autodesk reseller) and was CIO for a major Architectural firm in So Cal. He is currently CTO of SIATech.