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Autodesk and Creative Commons

Last week Autodesk announced their intent to release training content under Creative Commons licensing.  This will make the released content FREE to those who chose to use/reuse it.  Some of the released content will be :

It also allows re-purposing of the covered content so that it can be re-posted on websites other than Autodesk’s.  It could even be shown unedited at events as long as they are non-commercial in nature.

To learn more about the uses and how you might tap into this content check out the Autodesk [1] page on how they are working with Creative Commons to make this all happen.

To learn more about the content available go to the Area [2] page or the Autodesk page above.

You can see some of the content on the Autodesk 3ds MAX Learning Channels on YouTube [3]. The Creative Commons content has the “CC” logo at the bottom of the videos.  There is also some on the Autodesk Channel [4]also.

More about Creative Commons [5]


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