CADDManager on May 8th, 2012
This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Extraordinary CAD Managers

A couple more ideas about working you Core areas of CAD Management. 5.  Change is to be embraced and managed, not avoided. Average CAD Managers see change as annoying, a duty and demanded by others.  It appears to be complicated and threatening to some, something to be endured only when a firm is in desperate […]

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CADDManager on May 2nd, 2012
This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Extraordinary CAD Managers

The last post introduced this topic and I continue with my outline of what might make an Extraordinary CAD Manager as they work on their Core. 3. CAD Managers serve others, not control them. Average CAD Managers want users to do just what they are told and they squelch creativity.  I am not talking about […]

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CADDManager on April 30th, 2012
This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Extraordinary CAD Managers

As those that workout know, the Core is the center of the body that drives every other area.  It is that band of muscles that encircles your mid section from just below your shoulder blades to your hips.  Many think that working the Core will deliver the best exercise routine as it is mixed with […]

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CADDManager on March 26th, 2012

Much hoopla always surrounds the release of new software from Autodesk.  It is touted as having new features, new functions, new fixes and more.  With the new software comes greater focus on Autodesk products.  As such, the stock price advances. I wanted to compare the most highly spoken of stock in recent months to Autodesk […]

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CADDManager on March 26th, 2012

I am traveling to San Francisco for the Autodesk Media Summit event.  Today is a travel day and the event takes place tomorrow and Wednesday morning. We will hear from Carl Bass, Autodesk CEO and other executives.  We will get a sneak peek and technical briefing on Autodesk products, interact with the development teams and […]

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CADDManager on March 15th, 2012

Once again Cyon Research is working on a deep market survey of users. This is a follow up of the survey they did last year. The survey is designed to provide software and hardware vendors and their channel a better understanding of where market opportunities lie, and to identify which customers to pay attention to. […]

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CADDManager on March 13th, 2012
This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Decision Making

We were discussing situation and influences on our decision making processes.  One that I have not brought up yet is the cost of getting it wrong.  I always get in the wrong line at the grocery store.  I try to get it right, but always seem to pick the wrong line that ends up taking […]

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CADDManager on February 21st, 2012

Your gathering style may impact your decisions.   The way information is gathered can impact the decisions that need to be made.  It is not just the information that you end up with that matters.  It may also be the way it was brought together. Some may allow quantity overshadows quality.  They think that more information […]

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CADDManager on February 16th, 2012

Bear with me as I develop my hypothesis… Over the course of human history we gradually moved from nomadic tribes of people who moved around because their food sources changed into stayed put and nurtured food at stationary location.  We moved from hunters who followed the migrational movement of animals or the seasonal changes in […]

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