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Autodesk Research – GamiCAD

Play games and Learn CAD… get your quarters ready…

Over the last 15 years, Autodesk Research (formerly Alias Research) has been dedicated to providing a research environment striving to advance the fields of Computer Science. Based in downtown Toronto, Canada, the group is actively pursuing both academic and applied research goals.

Many of the projects they undertake are highly cerebral and futuristic.  Some of them are practical and real world.

One that recently caught my eye was GamiCAD. A concept that turns CAD learning into a video game style interaction.

Take a look at the video – http://www.autodeskresearch.com/publications/gamicad [1]

Here is more info from their site:


We present GamiCAD, a gamified in-product, interactive tutorial system for first time AutoCAD users. We introduce a software event driven finite state machine to model a user’s progress through a tutorial, which allows the system to provide real-time feedback and recognize success and failures. GamiCAD provides extensive real-time visual and audio feedback that has not been explored before in the context of software tutorials. We perform an empirical evaluation of GamiCAD, comparing it to an equivalent inproduct tutorial system without the gamified components. In an evaluation, users reported higher subjective engagement levels with the gamified system, and performed a set of testing tasks 20%-76% faster after using the tutorial with the gamified components.

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