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CAD Managers – Working on the Core (the rest)

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Coming to the end of this series with just a few more items to post.

7.  Procedures are a means to an end, not written in stone.

Average CAD Managers usually have good CAD Standards.  They know their stuff and they get the document created and distributed.  They also get people to follow the standards.  Where they may go wrong is becoming inflexible in the application of that standard and refusal to update it.

Extraordinary CAD Managers know that nothing it so perfect that it should never be changed.  They build flexibility into the CAD Standard or the process in such a way that the projects can get completed.  They also know that every so often they need to update the standard to reflect what has been learned and what people are actually doing.  They realize that the standard is just a standardization of the methods and products that CAD produces.  The standard is a means to an end.

8. Work is fun, not toil, but you have to work at making it fun.

Average CAD Managers buy into the notion that work is only a means to a paycheck. They may fully expect everyone to be serious, totally focused, and devoted 100 percent to working hard and never loosing focus.  They expect everyone to have the same work ethic as they do and to take things as seriously as they do.  The CAD Manager does have to take their work and product seriously because no one will care about it more than they do, bu the do have to lighten up at times.

Extraordinary CAD Managers see work as something that should be inherently enjoyable.  They believe that they can and should assist everyone in getting along and having a good time doing it.  Getting the job done can be fun.  Without acting like Mary Poppins or necessarily whistling while they work, they do need to blow off the steam of project deadlines and hardware failures.  Sometimes laughing when things are getting tough is healthy.   Come on – crack a joke every now and then.  Make fun of yourself in front of others.  Help others get through a tough day with a smile and encouragement.  Make work Fun!!



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