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CAD Managers – Working on the Core (more)

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Extraordinary CAD Managers [1]

The last post introduced this topic and I continue with my outline of what might make an Extraordinary CAD Manager as they work on their Core.

3. CAD Managers serve others, not control them.

Average CAD Managers want users to do just what they are told and they squelch creativity.  I am not talking about individuals moving away from the company standard toward creative CAD Standards, I am speaking of creative new ways to approach a problem in CAD.  They take suggestions as challenges to their authority and end up creating an environment that has everyone worried about not doing it their way (as opposed to the best way).

Extraordinary CAD Managers provide a target and allow users to define how they get there.  They provide a CAD Standard that does not tie the hands of innovation, nor provide no guidance on what is to be achieved.  It is a balance of goals with specific methods only when needed.  It tells them what to do but not how to do it.  It is a destination to achieve, not a road map to drive.  Their perspective is that they provide the resources for the end users to get their job done, not constrict them with an overabundance of rules.

4.  People are Pivotal to Progress

Average CAD Managers use people to get things done.  They tell them exactly what must be done and how to do it, one step at a time.  They parse out information as if it should be horded like water in the desert.  They do not empower people and actually hamper CAD efforts by not investing in the most valuable commodity a company has – the people.

Extraordinary CAD Managers know that energized employees work harder and get more done.  They encourage learning and give workers that tools they need.  They create self-service environments where all resources are open to every CAD user.  They restrict access only after abuse and push as many decisions down to the workers as they can.  They don’t second guess a bad choice, but seek to debrief and advise on improvements for the future.

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