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The Art of Drafting – Sharing what you know

One of the things that I think we may have lost is knowing what you are actually depicting.  In the days when the draftsperson had to interact with the Architects, Engineers and Designers they learned what they were actually trying to depict in the finished product.  They would show pictures, sketch images and actually take team members out to the field or factory to see what was being built.

Many have said both on this blog and others that BIM and the newer 3D software actually brings back the true interaction or knowing what was being designed because you have to “build it” in 3D.  While this is true and I embrace this, I am focused on the personal interaction of the designer working with the drafter to get them to see what they were drawing in their minds so that they could then transfer that to paper.

Today I see a little less interaction between most designers and those that are working under them.  Sometimes the drafter is left to their own to figure it out.  And if they can’t, they are looked down upon.  Many complain about the lack of drafters understanding of what they are creating, but if those who complain are not willing to discuss, share and improve the understanding of those they are working with – then they are part of the problem.

I would encourage those that create design form nothing, from the mixing of construction materials, form the raw metals of fabrication to get back in touch with teaching.

Craftsmen who work in trades bring new members along.  They mentor them. They encourage them to understand. They take time to work with others who need a little assistance.  We need to encourage our senior staff to mentor the junior staff. We need to be creating opportunities for interaction.  And when those teachable moments are created or just happen.  Slow down and share what you know with the next person coming up the ladder.