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Autodesk University 2011 – Day One

After arriving yesterday, I jumped into full swing today with the Leadership Forum.  Last night there was a reception where everyone had the opportunity to meet and greet.  I interacted with Joseph Joseph (www.bim-managers.com [1]) who helped organized the whole thing.  He has done a great job.

Today was the full force attack with classes on leadership, BIM, Digital  Design, Sustainability and Cloud Computing – all from those who have lead the charge in these areas.  I presented on “Energizing a Multi-Generational Workforce. Some good conversations and many people connecting and sharing experiences and ideas.  Quite a buzz.

During the breaks I checked on the AUGI booth that is being set up and checked emails.  You can follow AUGI at AU on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AUGIatAU [2]

Still meeting up with many that I have not seen in a while.  If you get a chance and are here – stop me in the hall and let’s chat.

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