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AU2011 Preview – Leading Change

My CAD Leadership class this year is on Change.  How to manage it well.  Change is going to happen and you need to be leading it.

Leading change will draw upon your skills in ways that you may not have fully developed and will continue to develop your entire career.

I have broken this topic down into two areas:


This part will draw upon your leadership skills and uses your people and political skills.  People skills as you interact with others and Political skills where you interact with misgivings, misunderstandings, misinformation and outright positioning by others to help you succeed or attempt to make you fail.


This draws upon your planning skills and uses your creative and organizational skills.  Planning is used as you map out the future and you are going to get there.  Creative and Organizational skill to originate ideas and align them with other initiatives in the organization.


What does a Leader need to do to create and energize change?  Linda A. Hill in her book on “Being the Boss” helps us understand.

I will unpack these and many more  perspectives in  the class.

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