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Working in Teams

Most CAD Managers and managers in general have to participate and lead teams of employees in efforts that the company wants completed.  Working in teams can be fun, invigorating, productive and profitable for the firm.  It can also be a struggle, conflicts can and will occur and division can make failure seem inevitable. We see teams bring together a diversity of personalities, focuses, agendas and more that can make progress s straining effort.  They can also generate more action, greater creativity and multiply the impact of an initiative when the whole team clicks.

Teamwork is just what the name implies – Teams and Work. Teams take Work.

When you create the team and pull together the members, you stand a better chance of success, but it still takes work.  What happens when you are placed on a team that you did not create? Teams that have been created by others can have even more troubles.  Sometimes management just throws together a team of people based on job title or availability.  When this happens you get a blend that was not tuned to each other and may even have conflict between members that has nothing to do with the others on the team or the topic of discussion.

When this happens a smart manager refines their approach to working with others. They adjust and tune their processes so that they can maximize the productivity, contribute as an individual and bring cohesion to the team.


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