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Momentum is defined as the power that is resident in a moving object.

The amount of momentum that an object has depends on two physical quantities: the mass and the velocity of the moving object in the frame of reference. In physics, the usual symbol for momentum is a bold p (bold because it is a vector); so this can be written p= mv where p is the momentum, m is the mass and v is the velocity.

When I think of momentum as it relates to leadership, I think of  how one success makes the next success easier. One problem fixed makes the next one a little less challenging.  A series of small successes makes a large success more possible and even probable.

In the CAD world, getting past a stumbling block or system trial allows you to see beyond the current frustrations to the next possibility.  Momentum is what is needed to press ahead on  your projects.  Momentum is the energy to make it up the next CAD or BIM hill or jump the next hurdle.

How do you generate momentum?

Going back to the equation – it is a combination of Mass and Velocity. For CAD Managers it is CAD Mass and CAD Velocity.

CAD Mass is generated by numbers.  It may be how many systems you have that are running well or how many trained users you have.  It might be the number of plotters that are working well or the number of users who are up to speed on the Standards.  It could also be related to the the scale of your impact on the environment of CAD.

Taking all of these into account, it boils down to a concept that I have heard referred to as “Berries in your Basket”. All of the positive things that you provide or oversee are like berries collected up in a basket for you to enjoy and benefit from later.

Not blueberries,raspberries or cranberries…  This is not a Farmville process.  The concept is that as you go through your work life and make connections and offer help to others or give good advice, you are collecting berries in your basket.  Berries can be added for proper software or hardware installs, good plotters, trained workers, etc.   These berries, once collected, can be exchanged individually or collectively to increase your chances of success, kind of like calling in a favor.  I helped you, can you help me.  We have this configuration in place which means that we can now start doing that function.  Get enough of these berries in your basket and you can trade them in for assistance from others on a large scale.  Get enough berries and you are ready to move to the new release.  CAD Mass really is the collective total of all your berries.  The fuller your basket the greater your chance is at success.

CAD Velocity is the speed at which you are moving your environment forward. It may be the speed of your systems or the speed of change in your office or the speed of approvals for spending. Whatever facet of speed it is, you and your firm needs to be nimble and able to speed up or handle the speed of the current processes. The rate of speed must be maintained and not allowed to slow down. If the speed is too slow, it needs to be accelerated. If the speed is too fast, it may need to be slowed down to avoid careening off track.

How fast is your firm moving? Is it moving at a rate that you are not happy with? Do you need to assist the movement with a little nudge or a big shove?

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