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What New Technology has Changed Everything?

None – not one technology is changing everything… at least right now

How can I say that? Because I think nothing changes everything overnight. Yes, there are many technologies and software tools and hardware triumphs that are beginning to make major strides in change, but they are not changing everything.

Why? Because changes are always slower than people think they will be. we thought that CAD would change everything and it did, but not overnight. How long did it take? Where you there at the time? Did it all change overnight? No, it started slow and built toward change. Some of the adventurous changed at first, then others joined them, but it took some time.

Also, the economic impacts are slowing everything down. Nothing is changing as fast as people thought it would several years ago. At a time when a jump in technology and software was touted as “changing everything” there was an underlying economic squeeze just starting.

Don’t get me wrong – things are going to change – just not as fast as everyone thinks.

So with all the 3D software coming along, will 2D CAD be gone soon?

You can see an influence toward 3D with the current crop of movies that Hollywood is putting out… many of them in 3D. And there are 3D TV’s. But has everyone tossed in the towel on older movies? Have they refused to watch a “traditional” movie for their cinema dollars? Is everyone rushing to swap out their old TV for one that displays in 3D?

So what about 2D CAD? Are the days numbered for this technology?

Not unless Autodesk is totally wrong. They have invested much in the 2D world of CAD. Here are a few areas that have just made some tech jumps based on mostly 2D software…

So…  Are things changing?  YES – but not overnight.

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