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Autodesk University 2010 – Day One

The classes have not really started for the general attendees, but there are many things going on today.

There was the ADN Conference [1] and ATC Summit [2] and the Design Computation Symposium [3]plus the Design Technology Management Conference [4](really sad I missed this one.)

I spent most of my day in AUGI matters. Meeting with others about CAD Camps to discuss the 2010 events.  Following that was the AUGI Leadedrship Conference where Local Chapter leaders discussed the upcoming AUGI website changes.  AUGI had a meeting with HP and discussed their line of workstations tuned to design work.   After lunch the AUGI Board had a meeting to discuss progress in several areas.  Right after that we done we greeted some AUGI volunteers that we at the event and showed them the new website progress.

Off to the Blogger Social event at the House of Blues – great seeing other bloggers and media types and catch up on things.

Tomorrow is going to be another crowded day.  I teach two classes and host an unplugged session.  Check back tomorrow for the debrief.

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