CADDManager on November 30th, 2010

Wow – what a day!

It started off with my virtual class not running as it should have.  Tech troubles on the back side I suppose. Oh well.

Then off to my first class presentation.  Technology Transitions.  Quite a few int he room were making the move to 3D and we discussed how this transition will affect their firms and their jobs.

Next was the second broadcast of my CAD Leadership class on AU Virtual.  I could not get in to the virtual site so I have no idea if it was broadcast or not.  Oh well…

Lunch was spent with the past AUGI presidents in conversations about AUGI’s past and the future.  Invigorating discussions.

Back to the class efforts with my next class on Strategic Planning followed by an unconference session on the same topic. Lively discussions and perspectives shared by all who attended.

Back over to the AUGI room for the International Assembly meeting.  AUGI leaders that attended AU from our Country Chapters visited with the board.

Finally the Exhibit hall opened.  People,food,drink for all.  What an overwhelming collection of exhibitors.  I spoke with AUGI members from Japan, Brazil, UK, the US, Canada, India, and so many more.

What a day – exhausted and invigorated.

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