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KETIV AMA – Vendor Presentation

I attended KETIV AMA [1] yesterday.  It was not really a vendor presentation.  It was more of a training event.  they had several tracks and many classes presented by their team of internal staff and Autodesk employees.

I am always looking for tips and trick and cross industry information that I can apply to the firms with whom I interact.  I attended several classes but two of them stood out.

The event opened with an introduction to the event by Kanwar Anand.  His disarming nature and candid speaking manner makes you think he is chatting with only you.  He presented some lessons learned by KETIV about the impact of the economy and how they could apply to each persons firm or business.  Very practical and a lot of the listeners shared many of the same struggles over the past 18 months or longer.

The first was Optimal CAD Management presented by Javier Chavez.  Javier talked about creating deployment images and how you could set many of the standard settings that a CAD Manager would want to unify as part of the deployment.  He covered the CUI, Profiles, standard config files,workspaces and much more.  My compliments to Javier.  I have heard him speak before and he always does a great job.  He answers questions well and takes those question that are specific to only one person offline after the class.  He stays on topic and reviews what was presented at the end.

Another good class was “The Convergence of BIM and Digital Prototyping”.  It was focused on sharing components created in Inventor with those using Revit.  Rob Cohee of Autodesk discussed what he thought the top attributes of quality BIM content from the Revit users point of view.

Some of the things he listed included:

He went on to discuss how the BIM Interoperability in 2011 addresses many of these concerns.  There is not a lot out there on this subject that I could find.

Good presenter that interacted with the audience well.  He polled the attendees to see what they were using, industry they were in, what kind of tools they were using and then used this info to make his presentation better.

Here are a couple of links on  the Interoperability tools in Inventor:

http://saarc.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/index?siteID=5967151&id=14530772 [2]

Check out his Youtube video’s – http://www.youtube.com/user/robcohee [3]

All in all a very good event.  And my good friends at KETIV just keep getting better and better. (full disclosure – I use to work  with them)

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