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The Options of AutoCAD 2010-The Files Tab-Part 12

Closing out the Files Tab…


Texture Maps Search Path

You can add materials to objects in your drawings to provide a realistic look.

The use of mapping adds complexity and texture realism to the material. For example, you can replicate grass or brick patters or tile on a floor.

This setting specifies the folders to search for rendering texture maps.

Web File Search Path

Specifies the folders to search for photometric web files. No need to edit this.

i-drop Associated File Location

Specifies the location of data files associated with i-drop content. When the location is not specified, the location of the current drawing file is used.

DGN Mapping Setups Location
You can manage translation mapping setups for DGN file import and export operations.

You can create, modify, rename, or delete mapping translations based on your company’s CAD standards such as:

Change DGN level names to selected DWG layer names
Remap unsupported DGN linestyles to DWG linetypes
Remap lineweights and adjust color mapping

This specifies the location of the dgnsetups.ini file where DGN mapping setups are stored. This location must exist and have read/write permissions for DGN commands to function normally. Just leave this as is but make a note of where this is so you can refer to it later if needed.

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