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AutoCAD 2011 – The Effort

I attended a blogger event last week hosted by Autodesk at the One Market street Gallery in San Francisco.  It was a gathering of bloggers and independent voices to see the newest release of AutoCAD.  I will be posting info that I gathered from the event and also discussing the impact of the 2011 releases as time progresses, but I wanted to start off with some data about how much effort Autodesk puts into a release.

For AutoCAD 2011

76,000 man hours in QA testing ( I talked to the QA folks at the event) which includes:

1.4 million lines of code were removed (did you get that? – REMOVED)

I look forward to seeing how this much effort, testing by so many, makes for a stable product that has a reduction in footprint based on less code bloat.

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1 Comment To "AutoCAD 2011 – The Effort"

#1 Comment By Robin Capper On March 31, 2010 @ 4:42 AM

Many, and that has include me for some, wait until SP1 before rolling out a release. Maybe we should consider a new version the ultimate SP of the previous release!

I’d love to see that sort of data for the other platforms