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Survey Results from January 2010

I asked what was on your list of focuses in 2010, then I compared the results to the 2009 survey on the same topic.   Here is what I found…

The concept was to allow only two choices from the list as the ones that they would focus on in 2010.

The top issue remains CAD Standards and it has actually gathered more focus that last year. 55% saying it was a top focus in 2010 compared to 47% in 2009.

Software rollout swapped places with User training in 2010.  Training is needed in the minds of CAD Managers a little more than rolling out new software.

Job stability as a main focus moved down on the list of  concerns in 2010.  This is good news as this area was the second highest concern in 2009.  It dropped from 46% of those who took the survey in 2009 saying it was on their list down to 26% in 2010.  That means that almost 75% did not consider the need to focus on keeping their job as a priority, compared to almost half in 2009.

Here are the results from 2010.


And from 2009