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Autodesk Simplified Upgrade Pricing

Simplified Upgrade Pricing Begins March 16, 2010

You need to be aware of a change that is coming…

From the Autodesk website [1]

Autodesk is introducing a new, streamlined upgrade pricing model on March 16, 2010. Under our current upgrade pricing model, the price of your upgrade depends on which product release you own. After March 15, 2010, your upgrade from any of the three previous software releases will cost 50 percent of the price of a new license, no matter which release you own.

From the Autodesk FAQ [2]

1. What is Autodesk simplified upgrade pricing?
After March 16, 2010, Autodesk will introduce a new, streamlined upgrade pricing model that changes how Autodesk prices upgrades, cross-grades, and retroactive Subscription fees.

2. How is Autodesk simplified upgrade pricing different from the way Autodesk sells upgrades and cross-grades today?
Today, upgrade and cross-grade prices and retroactive Subscription fees vary depending on which software release you are upgrading from. After March 16, 2010, upgrade and cross-grade prices and retroactive Subscription fees from the three previous software releases will be priced at 50 percent of a full license, no matter which release you are using today.

3. When will simplified upgrade pricing take effect?
The last day to upgrade from Autodesk® 2007, 2008, and 2009 products with the current pricing model is March 15, 2010. The new simplified upgrade pricing model will go into effect after March 16, 2010.

4. Why is Autodesk making this change?
We are streamlining our upgrade pricing based on feedback from customers and resellers that the current pricing model is too complex and no longer meets the needs of most of our customers.
More and more of our customers are choosing Autodesk Subscription as the most convenient and cost-effective way to keep their Autodesk software up-to-date. Customers tell us they prefer the budget and upgrade predictability of Autodesk Subscription. They also cite other advantages over traditional upgrades:

  • The option to continue running previous versions of your software so there’s no interruption to your project flow
  • Hassle-free and flexible licensing so you can use your Autodesk software in the office or at home (on selected products)
  • Web support from Autodesk technical experts
  • Self-paced training to help extend your Autodesk software skills
  • Incremental product enhancements (on selected products) to increase your functionality between upgrades

For customers without Autodesk Subscription, simple, streamlined upgrade pricing should help make it easier for you to plan and budget your software upgrades. You will pay the same price—50 percent of a full license—to upgrade to the current release from any of the three previous versions, which means you can move when you’re ready.

Read more about it on the links above – there is a lot of info to review.  Then you will know if it is better for you to tap into subscription before this kicks in or after.

If you are thinking of getting on subscription…  time to think hard.

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