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Autodesk University 2009 – Day One

The classes start tomorrow, but the festivities started today. Kicked off the day with AUGI meetings. Connecting up with sponsors and CAD Camp planning.

In between these meetings I ran to the other side of the conference center to tape two interviews for Autodesk. I am not even sure where they will be posted or used. I need to find out.

The AUGI Leadership Conference was next. I spoke on leadership in general and then Philip Madeley presented on the AUGI UK chapter followed by John Morgan presenting tips for starting and managing a local user group.

Attended a quick Power Track logistics meeting with Matt Murphy and then it was off to the AUGI Local Chapter Presidents Meeting.

Topping off the day was the Blogger and Speaker social followed by the AEC Mixer.

Exhausting day – and it really has not started yet.

Tomorrow morning I start off with the CAD Manager Power Track kickoff at 8am.

General comments and observations…

I have already run into too many people who are out of work.
There is a lot of energy at this event, even though some are commenting that the turnout is lower.
Autodesk is interacting more with everyone than they seem to have done in the past.
The international presence is expanding. Many differing languages are being spoken in the halls.

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