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CAD Standards – Sheet File Creation

Making Sheet files – the files you plot from – is the core output process for the projects you create. Getting them right will increase your consistent output and processing of Construction or Manufacturing Documents.

Here are some thoughts on getting them right.

Sheet File Creation

Sheet files are located in the Sheet folders under the Discipline folder.

Sheet files are created to display the plotting information and construction annotations needed to produce an output file for plotting.

To create the Sheet file you may overlay (or attach – for nesting) multiple Model files into Model Space and the border into Paper Space.

One Sheet file represents one Plot file. I am convinced that while using multiple tabs in paperspace is allowed that in a multi-user environment, it may cause confusion. So stick to one tab for all output files.

The first Layout Tab shall be used for full size plotting. It will use the default name “LAYOUT1”.

Attach Nested XREF’s to sheet files. This means that you may attach a Model file to a Sheet file that has nested files attached to it.

XCLIP may be used on Sheet files for irregular shaped displays of Model file data.

Image files are placed into the Sheet folder and referenced only to Sheet files.

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#1 Comment By Matt On July 17, 2009 @ 10:00 PM

Are you familiar with Robert Green’s Expert CAD Mgmt book? I notice it is not on your book list. Can you comment on this book at all?