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Creating a CAD Standards Review Team – Who? – Part two

Key Players only

Make sure that your team has the key players involved and no fluff. Finding out who these people are may be a challenge. Since the CAD Standard will be a document for the end users, select the people on your team from the end user pool.

Talk to the users in the offices to see who should be involved. Ask them who they go to for answers. Ask them how the ones they go to were selected. Ask about their interactions with them. Are these people willing to help? Or do they begrudgingly help? Are they easy to get along with? Do they listen to the ideas and comments of others?

You are looking for someone who knows CAD inside out. You are looking for someone who knows the firm and the designs they create and the processes they use to create them. You are looking for someone that is not afraid to speak their mind, but always keeps it professional. Someone that is willing to listen to others and look at differing perspectives. You are looking for those that care about CAD [1].

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