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Implementing CAD Governance – Part 2

There are several teams you need to develop to enhance CAD Governance.

They include:

Let’s take a short look at each one.

Corporate Management Team

These are the members of your firm who are impacted by CAD but are not part of defining or implementing anything related to CAD. You need to keep them on your team. You may not have a formal meeting with them all together. You could, but getting all of these people in one room at one time is tough.  This team may not even realize it is a team.

This team is going to be comprised of single individuals that you interact with individually. In there office, on the phone, over lunch or whenever you get a chance. Your goal is to keep them appraised of your progress and keep them or get them on your side. Or at least not working against you.

Office CAD Liaisons/Representatives/Super Users

This is the group that you tap into for ideas, planning and change management. This is a formal team. You invite them to participate, they do not volunteer for the job. They do not work for you so you need to get approval from the first group and their boss. Once you have this team together, you can start gathering ideas for upgrading or correcting process problems with CAD. These will be the ones that provide you with the most information about making things better. Select them well and use them constructively. They are not your worker pool, they are professionals who know the CAD products well.

CAD Standard Review Committee

This team will help you plan and process the information that will go into the CAD Standard. This is the most formal team you may have.  They will help define it, review it, refine it, publish it and enforce it. This team is critical to the success of establishing a CAD Standard and getting people to use it.

The Inner Circle

A few select ones that resonate with you the most. This is an informal team.  These will be hand selected and they will be the ones that help you make the tough decisions. They will have a pulse on the firm and the tools. They will cover your back and encourage your heart. They will be there for you and not abandon you when things get tough.

I will develop these team definitions in greater depth in future posts.