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Finding Those Who Care about CAD

Doesn’t anyone care about CAD anymore?

Rally the ones that Care

Making a change or moving people toward process improvement, CAD Standards or even a software upgrade takes a lot to cultural effort within your firm.  Finding a group that can help in this process can help you get more done. Getting them on your side is needed and finding them is the first step.

Those who care about CAD will have some recognizable qualities and habits.

These people will be talking to each other already. Most of the time you are just trying to observe who is doing this as a matter of course. Look around and see who is doing most of the talking about CAD. Not the ones that are complaining, but the ones that are working toward making things better. They have creative ways of thinking. They look to pass on tips and tricks.

What to look for in the person

You are looking for someone who cares about good CAD. They take pride in their work and in the work that the company produces. They are concerned about the process. They have a measure of self respect and respect for others. They will work well in a team environment. They realize that decisions of the team may go against their personal preference and yet they will support the team’s decision. They will not have hidden agendas. Be assured that they will have agendas, but look for those that are willing to be transparent about them.

They will know a lot about the tools they use and the processes that go into creating good files. They will be constant learners who seek out the answers from others or dig up the answer themselves. They will take advice from others and not pass judgment on an idea until they have given it a chance.

They have opinions, but share them with respect. They will speak up even if they are the lone voice. They will seek to have others understand their opinion and seek to understand the opinion of others. They will grant the benefit of the doubt when an idea challenges their thinking. They will not snap at others or undermine the team dynamic. They will trust the others in the group. They will provide input and documentation when called upon. They will deliver on their promises.

Sound like a super hero? Maybe they are one in the making. You are looking for the best of the best. Not just the bests CAD user, but one who works for the good of the firm. How do you find people like this? You watch for them. You pay attention and you work with them slowly in small steps. Every step you check to see how they are progressing. I would guess that the time frame is about 3 months. It takes that long to see how they might work out.

Making them a Part of the Process

Once you have identified them, ask them to become part of your process. Tell them that you would like to get their input on some issues. Start small and see how they react. Do not formally ask them to join anything yet. Just work casually with them for a while to see if they fit the mold that you are looking for.

The next step is getting them to move from Caring about CAD to becoming a Cure for CAD troubles.