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Developing CAD Standards – an Overall Plan

Here is the process that I will be expanding upon as we continue the conversation on CAD Standards development. This will give you a high level look at where I will be going.

Planning your work is essential to success. Without a plan things do not happen. Most of us plan things out, even if it is a quick plan that only exists in your head. I encourage you to write it down, refine it, review it and keep adding to it. A written plan is best because you can see it all and see the interconnectedness of each task.

Here is the complete basic plan for developing a standard, from start to finish. I have started discussing #1 already. I will continue down this entire plan so that you will know what each step is in detail. You may think of additional steps and you should add them. These are the basics as I see them now.

  1. Implement CAD Governance
  2. Define Scope
  3. Evaluate Existing Standards
  4. Solicit Input from Users / Other Companies
  5. Develop the Standard
  6. Write Draft Document for Standards
  7. Circulate the Draft for Comment
  8. Revise Draft Based on Comments
  9. Publish the Standard
  10. Train the User
  11. Implement the Standards
  12. Enforce and Reinforce the Standard
  13. Evaluate Your Standards