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CAD Manager – Questilutions

I am not the kind who really makes New Year resolutions, but I am the kind that asks myself a lot of questions. So I made up a word for it. “Questilutions” (pronounced kwes-che-lew-shens).

This is the process I go through to get myself moving into the new year. The questions start my thinking about what I need to start doing or stop doing. The questions are meant to lead to actions.

The problem with resolutions is that they are personal in nature. No two people will come up with the same resolution even if given the same circumstances. So if I wrote down my resolutions, it might be interesting to you. It might spur you on to make up some of your own. It may make you chuckle at my blue sky, wishful thinking. But you would not adopt them as your own. The determination of what you need to do is predicated on your specific environment. You would sit and think of your own and make up your resolutions that match your situation.

So what I have come up with is a series of questions that could be used to frame you resolutions. Here is the list: (in no particular order)

  1. Who can help you do a better job and how can you connect with them on a regular basis?
  2. What one thing could you do this year to increase your enjoyment of your work?
  3. What is the most important area in your CAD environment that is not working as good as you want it to and how can you make it better?
  4. What skill do you most want to improve or learn this year?
  5. How can you find out what your strengths are and work even better in those areas?
  6. How can you get home earlier in the evening without reducing your effectiveness at work?
  7. What three family events will you absolutely attend this year that you may have missed in the past year?
  8. What will you change in your actions to make sure you complete what you have started?
  9. If those who know you best, gave you some advice, what would it be?  What will you do about it?
  10. What is the single most important thing you can do to improve quality in your CAD output?

There are more on my BIM Manager site [1].  You may come up with some yourself.

If you have defined an action plan for yourself this year… share one thing via a comment to this post.

Happy New Year!

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