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Autodesk ImageModeler 2009

Create 3D Models directly from images…

I have not tried this out yet – but it sure sounds interesting.

Here is what the Autodesk site says…

Autodesk ImageModeler image-based modeling software enables architects, designers, and entertainment content creators to quickly and easily create 3D models from 2D digital images or panoramas.Use ImageModeler to capture the reality as-built:

* Reconstruct photorealistic objects, scenes, and cities
* Integrate CAD projects with existing environments
* Take measurements of buildings

The software’s easy-to-learn, three-step workflow—calibration, modeling, and texturing—lets you achieve, stunning, photorealistic modeling with real-world accuracy. Additionally, ImageModeler 2009 offers support for Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Autodesk® Maya®, and AutoCAD® software.

Calibrate the software for one to many pictures by matching a few points between the images. There is no need to input information about the camera.

The modeling tools in ImageModeler are simple. A 3D model is generated using polygonal primitives. This model can then be refined by the user and detail added.

Photorealistic texture maps are automatically extracted from the pixel information of the source images.

Read more about it.. [1].

Or Download a Trial [2]and try it out